41 hours non stop!


41 hours non stop at BikingMan in Corsica to reach victory!

My name is Ivana Furlan and on Sunday 29th April 2018 I attended the BikingMan in Corsica which is an Ultracycling race. The race format was sprint and a total challenge for climbers. I reached victory in women’s category after 41 hours and 24 minutes riding in complete independence. I reached 14th rank at overall placement over 100 participants.

Before departure I confess I was afraid as I did not had the possibility to train as much as I wanted in the previous months due to personal reasons. 700 km non stop and in complete independence can’t be undertaken without any training. You must listen to your body and follow your own strength.

Once I started the race, I begun trusting myself and my strength and all my fears disappeared so little by little my dream was becoming true.

Despite the rain during the night, many times I was fallen asleep because of fatigue. I suffered most of all during the climbing when temperatures were hot but I tried to always smile during this experience finding the best side of each moment. Outwet underwear has played a fundamental role in this race even in the worst moments of intense rain and cold during the night and in hot climbing during the day.

Corsica: 29.04.18

Distance: 712 km

Total Elevation: +/- 13000 mt

Race format: Sprint

Ivana Furlan

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