A dip in Outwet®

By 9 November 2016 August 23rd, 2017 INFORMATION, NEWS, PRODUCTS

On land and underwater, Outwet® accompanies you in every place… even in the most humid and colder, with right dress, warm and comfortable.

There are more and more sports divers fans, activities that allow people to immerse in aquatic environments, with or without equipment, depending on the dive is with the open-loop system ARA (air breathing apparatus with dispenser) or the closed loop system OBA (oxygen breathing apparatus), self-contained breathing methods or bonded by breathing mixtures that enable a long persistence underwater.

There are those who dive for passion, for hobby, others for profession. Either way it is good to prevent hypothermia, that is when the temperature goes down below the usual value to perform all activities.

The diver, thus, needs a proper thermal insulation.

And here we come with Outwet®!

Under the tight wetsuit, which can be made of neoprene or trilaminate, there’s nothing better than wearing Merino WP3, an insulating mock, strictly with merino wool and polypropylene, which ensures an appropriate body temperature control and, at the same time, maximum breathability.

The merino wool, in particular, helps the thermal self-regulation of the body, making sure that it remains warm in cold environments and cool in case of increase of the external temperature.

To this we match the Merinosocks, socks of Thermocool Merinos style. Here too, the use of merino wool, with its breathable and absorbent properties, helps to react to the change of body temperature giving a more pleasant feeling and total comfort.

Merino WP3 and Merinosocks work fine even in a classic heavy undergarment for dry suits in tri-laminate.

Intrepid divers, Outwet® accompanies you in your deepest and blue explorations!

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