Sportwear and technical base layer: the quality that fears no comparisons

100% Made in Italy!

Technical base layer and bikewear

We produce sport technical bikewear and cycling clothes with high quality fabrics for maximum confort in every performance.


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Our items are characterized by very high levels of breathability: they absorb sweat and transfer it from the entire surface of the fiber to the outside of the textile in order to release it and make it evaporate.


Light weight, right protection. Thanks to the use of the polypropylene with low specific weight and to the manufacturing of the mesh fabric, the items have virtually no weight while maintaining the ability to keep a constant body temperature and the body dry.


The capability to move all perspiration outwards combined to its specific fabric, working process creates an insulating and protective barrier that at the same time always keeps the skin dry and protected: Warm during the winter months and cool in the summer months.


Creativity, research and science in order to design and produce functional technical leading edge items designed and achieved to make the difference in sports performance. The polypropylene and carbon fiber are our best allies.


The high polypropylene content makes our items safe. Thanks to the high resistance of the microfiber, the yarn does not hold either bacteria or mold. It does not generate unpleasant odors even after intense physical activity.


Our items are designed and manufactured for the body in order to allow maximum flexibility during intense physical activity. The different weave of each item is specifically designed to allow a perfect transpiration and maximum comfort for protection during the performance.

My favourite baselayer? Mesh sleeveless with carbon fiber forever

Francesco Martuccifixed gear champion

From glacier to the desert I always wear an Outwet baselayer

Alessia MissiaggiaWorld gold medal downhill 2016

I'm always dry even after hours of intensive training

Alessio CarpenéASD Nuova Virtus - Ultracycling

With Outwet you have a strong advantage during the race

Tandem Panizza BersiniItalian national proud Rio 2016

I confirm what I always knew: extraordinary factory and top quality products

Roberto De OstiBiker Ultracycling

Perfect second skin for each training session

Pietro DuttoBiathlon athlete

I tried Islanda Merinos and it is perfect for a person who is sensitive to the cold

Thalita de JongExperza-Footlogix women team

1st prize of Michuhol Songdo duathlon 2017

Hyeongmo Lee
Test hours
Athletes served
Sporting events

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