Outwet® for Nordic walking

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Besides the bike. Outwet® devotes to cyclists, but it also thinks about all other sports.

There is a sport, in particular, that in recent years has taken particularly “foot”: Nordic walking. And Outwet® has the right clothing for this sport!

But let’s better understand what is it.

 What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking indicates a technique of walking with the aid of sticks that resemble ski suits.

What is the geographical origin of this discipline?

Nordic Walking comes from Finland and it’s based on the summer training of cross-country skiers. For being cheap, simple and healthy, Nordic walking has spread to the US and Europe.

 Where is it practiced?

Everywhere: mountain, lake, beach, forest, park, city …

To who is this sport recommended?

Everyone, from toddlers to seniors.

The technique:

Pushes the leg and opposite arm: left leg / right arm, right leg / left arm.

Body posture: upright, but natural, slightly tilted forward. Relaxed shoulders, extended arms and straight hand movements, forward and back, with sloping sticks close to the body.

Steps in line with the extension of the movement, the push and the type of soil.

What are the benefits of Nordic walking?


  • In the walk 90% of the musculature is actively engaged;
  • endurance, strength, mobility, coordination and balance increase;
  • cardiac activity optimizes;
  • the level of oxygenation and circulation improve;
  • stress is reduced thanks to movement and to contact with nature;
  • it strengthens the immune system and reduces cholesterol;
  • it prevents arthritis and osteoporosis;
  • you lose weight;
  • it strengthens the back and improves posture

Outwet® recommends

Nordic walking is a sport valuable 365 days a year, recommended in any season. Now that the winter is approaching, we recommend wearing the underwear WP3 for men and WP3 ZIP for women of Outwet® Thermic line: 3D structure Thermal Air System microcell and the thermal properties of polypropylene make dress ideal to face any weather conditions, leaving the skin warm in winter, dry and protected, too.

Underwear is available in three colors: black, white and gray.

Are you ready to walk with Outwet®?

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