Outwet into the wild

By 22 November 2016 August 23rd, 2017 CURIOSITY, NEWS, PRODUCTS, TECHNOLOGY

We’ve already said that Outwet® is for everyone, isn’t it? But really for everyone, even for who, for sport, is called to take a… motionless position.

What are we talking about? You may ask.

About static sports and hobbies, those that require patience, concentration and stillness.

We are talking to fishermen, birdwatchers, nature’s photographers, to all those who defy weather and any degree of temperature in order to pursue their passion.

With Deep Impact, Outwet® offers to these sportsmen and hobbyists a warm and comfortable clothes, suitable to spend long hours in atmospheric conditions that aren’t always optimal.

Deep Impact CA3 are tights that, along with the maximum breathability and a good fit, ensure body temperature, as well as to enjoy a feeling of warmth and total well-being.

We recommend to combine to these pants Deep Impact3 or Deep Impact WP3, long sleeves jersey, respectively a round neck and high collar, in a special Thermal Air System microcell texture that carries sweat outside, keeping skin hot and dry.

Technical depth studies allowed us to create ideal garments for cold temperatures, temperature changes, adverse weather conditions.


To fishermen who, tirelessly, go in the early hours of the morning in lakes and rivers to overcome their record.

To birdwatchers, who study and follow in any place and season, birds’ flight and singing.

To nature’s photographers, who wait patiently, lying on the snow, the perfect framing.

To them, and to all “static” sportsmen, we should remember that Outwet® has an answer to everything. From an in-depth knowledge of the conditions in which they perform different activities, Outwet® develops clothing solutions ad hoc, which doesn’t cease to amaze and satisfy!

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