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Team Panizza Bersini

There wasn’t yet the time to “rework” the emotions of the recently finished Olympics, that we are already called to dive into other new emotions.

From September 7th to 18th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (the same country called on to host the Summer Olympic Games of the XXXI Olympiad), there will be the Paralímpicos Jogos de Verão 2016, the Paralympics, arrive at their fifteenth edition and dedicated to athletes with disability.

23: paralympic disciplines.

176: participating countries.

4300: athletes.

And it’s with pride that Outwet® announces its presence to this big and intense event, sponsoring two of the 4300 athletes: the blue Tandem Bersini – Panizza.

Because Outwet® not only strongly believes in these sporting events that bring on court the best SKILLS of special athletes, Outwet® is there.

A presence that we hope will bring good luck to a duo that, stronger by humility and perseverance, can achieve great goals on two saddles, two wheels, holding two dumbbells and cuddling a strong willpower.

But let’s know them better:


Emanuele Bersini is a low vision athlete from birth, he lives and works in Brescia, he was torchbearer for the 2006 Turin Olympics.

Able to “look ahead” and go over obstacles (which are often just mental), as a child, he approaches to the world of sports: at the beginning swimming, then judo, athletics, sailing, up to lead to cycling.

In 2011 the meeting and the “coupled”: in May of that year Emanuele competes in tandem with Riccardo Panizza, who lives and works in Mandello Del Lario (LC), and which from now will join his fellow sportsman and friend as a guide.

The duo perfectly embodies the famous aphorism “Life is like riding a bicycle: if you want to keep your balance you must move”, picking a title after another in numerous competitions.

In the same year of meeting Emanuele and Riccardo participate in several national trials, taking the first Italian title on track in kilometer from a standing specialty.

In 2012 they become part of the Italian National guided by CT Mario Valentini and they graduate Italian Champions on the road in time trial and in the road race. At the end of the season they return to win the first title in the Italian Championships on track in kilometer from a standing and in pursuit.

In May of 2013 the turning point: excellent results in international area. Bersini – Panizza conquer the first win with the national team in the World Cup held in Merano in time trial and a deserving second place in the road race.

Then the reconfirmation at the Italian Championships, and from there the leap: the convocation for the World Championships in Canada, where these two men get good placements.

In 2014 the magic duo sees slipping in front, for only 10 seconds, the podium of the World Championships in the USA, in time trial on the road. A “positive” defeat, able to solicit and tickle the two to do even better.

If worldwide they don’t reach the podium by a whisker, at national level they are reconfirmed Italian Champions on the road in two specialties, time trial and in line.

But it is in 2015 that Emmanuel Bersini, with his guide Riccardo Pinizza, gets important successes and great satisfactions: a gold medal on the road at Tappa di Coppa of the World Cup of Maniago in Italy, and a bronze medal in time trial at the World Championships Nottwil 2015, in Switzerland.

Results that, as well as upload him of trust, allow him to continue to follow a dream: a medal at the upcoming Paralympics.

“Continue”? Yes, because it is from 3 years that Emanuele Bersini and Riccardo Panizza are carrying out the “ROAD TO RIO 2016” project.

To achieve the participation in the Paralympics in Rio, beside determination, synergy, harmony, mutual trust, desire to train and sacrifice, the two fielded every resource available to achieve all their objectives.

A person can dream big.

To these two great athletes and dreamers Outwet® wishes to turn desires into reality.

To them, that are going to compete with tandem with the Italian National Paralympic in Rio de Janeiro, goes our heartfelt cheer!

See you at the Paralympics with Emanuele Bersini, Riccardo Panizza and Outwet®!

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