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Social media Outwet®

By 15 February 2017 INFORMATION, NEWS

Outwet® is social. Outwet® is 2.0. Outwet® speaks a modern language. Outwet® is Facebook, Google+, Instagram!

And it’s on these social networks that you find us with all our news, photos and promotions!

Here are the reasons to stay connected with us:


  1. Although far, we speak to you and you can talk to us! We exchange information, photos, we receive your selfies with our products and we particularly suggest you new ones to try, you tell us your sports adventures riding the bike, at high altitude or at sea and we understand how much Outwet® works! And we assure you… these are big satisfactions!
  2. In our constantly updated virtual store we let see you products, we describe them in detail, and we let you choose them by offering you different colors to meet the tastes of all. Hey… of course you can shop directly from your office or from your sofa. Outwet® has also an e-commerce. Enjoy it!
  3. We are available 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7. You write us, we read you from anywhere and, as quickly as possible, we try to meet all your requests, because Outwet® likes to keep in touch with its “fans” 😉
  4. You are protagonists of our social network. We exist thanks to you and we want to be grateful. So we tell you our stories, but we also don’t hesitate to tell your stories of athletes and sport amateurs. You never know some other “followers” can take inspiration from you 😉
  5. Yes, we are a company, but through social we are also people with whom you can share advices, chat, laugh and think about everything that could be useful in the sportswear world. And the more friends we can engage, the more we learn, the more we are happy!

Are you already entered into the social network of Outwet®?


You find us to website: www.outwetgroup.com

On facebook: www.facebook.com/outwetitalia

On Google by typing in the search engine, Outwet Google+

On Instagram with Outwet profile.

We wait you in our social channels! Stay tuned!

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