Stelvio: anytime anywhere


The hardest challenges can be overtaken with simple and accurate quality things

Are you looking for your favorite functional sports underwear? You are in the right page, read more here below.

To have a perfect cycling outfit doesn’t mean wearing many layers of jerseys and vests but few quality garments to be free as much as possible.

The functional sports underwear is the most important layer for each kind of sports activity and most of all for long rides with bike. It protects body from sudden changes of temperature and keeps the body dry. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of raw materials, Outwet®’s choice has always been the most breathable polypropylene Dryarn® combined with years of experience.

Stelvio base layer is one of the newborn in Outwet® collection. Stelvio is first of all the name of the highest paved mountain pass in the northern Italy (2758 mt a.s.l.), well known for its importance in the First World War and for stages of Giro d’Italia. Then it is also the perfect destination for those who look for hairpin turns and breathtaking landscapes: it is a challenge to bikers and most performing cyclists.

The hardest challenges can be overtaken with simple and accurate quality things and Stelvio base layer is one of these!


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