Summer. Sun. Hot weather. Holidays.

By 14 July 2016 August 23rd, 2017 EVENTS, INFORMATION, NEWS, PRODUCTS

During this season, we see the world a little more colorful.

We wanted to transmit this vibrancy also to our sleeveless garments, because if comfort matters, it is also true that eye wants its part.

Blue, light blue, sky-blue, turquoise, purple, lilac, cyclamen, geranium, lead, brown, wisteria, salmon, peacock, green mint, sea-green, dark green, burgundy color, red, orange and yellow fluorescent: there are many colors for our garments to meet all needs.

The colored sleeveless garments – that we call LP1 COLOR – is the advice and the innovation for the summer, already on sale in our shops. It will be officially presented at the Eurobike trade show, from 31 August to 4 September 2016 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and at the Cosmobike Show in Verona, September 16 to 19th. But if you want to know the product, come into the store. We will be glad to tell you about it.

Color is the most obvious part of an item of clothing that speaks about quality.

Thanks to the use of polypropylene and processing of the mesh fabric, this super-light garment allows the body to stay dry. Ideal, once more, for the summer season.

But that’s not all. The particular composition of garment receives sweat, no odor absorbing, transferring it along the surface of the fiber to the outside of the cloth, releasing it to evaporate. This mechanism results in a perfect breathability.

The ability to convey sweat outside combined with the specific tissue processing creates an insulating and protective barrier that keeps skin warm in winter and cool in summer months.

Mountain trekking, rides on the shore, bike rides in the countryside, walk in the city at sunset, volleyball games with friends, yoga in the tourist villages: wear a colored sleeveless dress Outwet® means having on a youth, trendy, summer garment, ideal for any type of sport, for any type of environment and for any occasion.

Who said you can’t wear it also accompanied by a sweater or a jacket, outside of sports contexts?

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