Ten good reasons to choose a Zero…K-zero®

By 14 July 2016 August 23rd, 2017 INFORMATION, NEWS, PRODUCTS, TECHNOLOGY

There’s K2, the highest mountain on earth.

And there’s K-Zero®, our dress that improves sport performance of who wears it by lowering the body temperature of 2°C.

A risky comparison? Well… we are faced with two “shows”! One of nature, the other one of human intelligence.

Zero VS Ten. It’s called K-Zero®, but there are at least eleven reasons to try this clothing line (which we list below).

We are going to present it now, because it’s really ideal for summer season, so perfect in bright warm conditions and intense physical effort (reason 1).

K-Zero® dresses don’t limit to lower the temperature, but they also know how to turn it into pure energy (reason 2).

Thanks to the special technical fabric composed by polypropylene (45%), elastic fabric (5%) and by fine polytetrafluoroethylene yarn – PTFE Teflon (50%) with flat seams that limit rubbing effects (reason 3), K-Zero® line dissipates outside heat (reason 4), is extremely breathable (reason 5) and gives to skin an extraordinary feeling of freshness (reason 6).

We have two models of K-Zero® line:

K-0U1 sleeveless, One Size.

K-0SOCKS socks, size  39/42 – 43/46.

K-Zero® ultra technical garments are 100% Made in Italy (reason 7) and guarantee an optimal fit (reason 8), maximum comfort at all times (reason 9).

This line reaffirms our mission: Design the difference to Make the difference. Thanks to research, test, science and creativity (which never hurts), we realize functional garments, which enhance sports performance, maintaining a high comfort even on the most extreme situations.

Not enough? We tell you more!

K-Zero® line is antibacterial and hypoallergenic (reason 10): it respects all skins protecting them from bacteria and pollutant dusts, slowing the formation of moisture, eliminating the risk of allergies and irritations.

Have a nice summer with K-Zero®!

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