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Sometimes changes are inaudible. Other times noticeable.

Often they scare, but they exist to improve.

Who we are. Here we are. Only one word changes. But “who we are” lives according to “here we are” and vice versa.

Well, because we can’t tell you who we are without point out our presence, and we can’t tell you that here we are without remember you our origins.

Outwet® was born in Prato, Tuscany, in the 2000s as the first 100% Made in Italy brand that diffuses knit elastic polypropylene mesh, seamless, for men and women, in sports. It reaches a quick notoriety in Italy and abroad.

It’s taken by us, Outwet Italy srl, in 2013.

We renew, we move to offer something better, but it’s always a brand synonymous of quality.

To the mesh, born as one size (S / M), was added the second size, XL.

Our mission? Continuous research and use of the latest technologies to design functional and extremely reliable sportswear, for a greater feeling of well-being and comfort.

What do we do? What are our products and our resources? What are those characteristics that make us see as a high quality brand?

There is a new website that tells about us. A website that changes its look and wears something comfortable and colorful to enhance performance, visibility and performance, even in extreme situations, as our sportswear.

It’s a website that reflects us, that says a lot about us and says a lot about you that choose our brand.

We did a “change of wardrobe”… this is the right season, right?!?

We are going to open the doors so that you can have a look and choose what is right for you, both in sport and in everyday life.

… Because who uses Outwet®, wants Outwet®.

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