The Outwet® brand has been known and recognized in high-level sports circles for many years.

Born in the Tuscany countryside, a renowned region for industries and textile labs.
A few years later the brand was purchased by a new company, Outwet Italia srl, and was transferred to the Veneto region, while always maintaining the high quality and characteristics of the products.

Outwet Italia srl is born from the union of three entrepreneurs sharing the same  passion for sports and the same experience with technical and technologically-innovative fabrics. The headquarters is located in the beautiful medieval town of Marostica (VI) at the foot of the Asiago plateau, surrounded by beautiful hills and made famous thanks to the giro d’Italia cycling tour.

Outwet® products are constantly studied  and tested by professional athletes.

Outwet® is becoming a well established brand in Italy and WorldWide thanks to the Promise it keeps for a daily commitment through continuous lab R&D , attention to details but above all, to the great passion for Sports – whether a sports Pro or sheer Amateur , you will feel the Outwet DIFFERENCE!!


Why choose Outwet®?

For the quality and technology of  the used fabrics:
-polypropylene is the best-existing fiber on the market with the ability to expel the sweat leaving the skin fresh and dry.
– carbon has an antibacterial and antistatic property
-K-ZERO yarn lowers  the body temperature by 2 degrees, excellent for summer days


Choosing  Outwet technical® underwear means choosing 100% made-in-Italy products, with an eye for even the tiniest detail: flat seams, adherence to the body as a second skin, and with technologically innovative tissues making the difference in physical performance and in comfort.

OUTWET® Performing the Difference.